The Quest for No Man’s Land III

May 19th 2018
from 8:30a – 5:30p
at the Jo Daviess County Fairgrounds
located on High St in  Warren, IL 61087


Open from 8:30a-2p
Site Fees $13 nonmember//$8 member discount


9:00 am – Merchants Open
9:30 am – Combat Lists Open
10:00 am – Classes Begin
11:00 am – A&S Bean Count Judging Begins
12:00-2:00 pm – Lunch
2:00 pm – Troll Closes
3:00 pm – A&S Judging Ends
4:00 pm – Merchants Close
4:00 pm – Classes End
5:30 pm – Site Closes


Combat List Activities:

9:30 am – Combat Lists Open for Inspection / Authorizations
10:00 am– Pickups Available
10:30 am – Novice Rapier Tourney
12:00 pm – Rapier Holmgang Tourney
1:30 pm – Novice Armored Tourney
3:00 pm – Armored Holmgang Tourney
4:30 pm – Combat Lists Close

Ranged Activities:

9:30 am – Archery Range Opens for Warmups
10:00 am– Morning Shooting, including a Royal Round
12:00-1:00 pm Lunch Break
1:00 pm – Afternoon Tournament
4:00 pm – Range Closes


10:00 am – Classes Begin.
Class Schedule TBD

A Brief History of Knitting presented by Audette la Tricoteuse de Saint Denis
This is a discussion based class on the history of knitting and notable extant knitted items.
No fee

Introduction to Knitting presented by Audette la Tricoteuse de Saint Denis
This is a hands on class for new knitters or those who want a refresher on knitting. Some discussion about period knitting will happen, but the primary focus will be on getting the hands working on making stitches. I will have some spare yarn and needles for those who want to try knitting, but would need to be reimbursed for them if students want to keep them after the class.
Please bring some worsted weight wool and size 7 or 8 knitting needles.

Portuguese Knitting presented by Audette la Tricoteuse de Saint Denis
This is a hands on class for people who are comfortable with basic knitting, and are able to knit and purl and can follow simple patterns. Some early extant knitting items have indications they may have been knit with this style, where the yarn is tension around the neck or through a pin placed at collarbone height.
Please bring two colors of worsted weight wool and a set of size 7 or 8 doublepoint needles.

Dressing for Status in the 14thC presented by Lette de Cherselawe
Clothing in the 14th century provided clues as to the wearer’s status on many levels. Some of the clues were straight forward, such as the wimple and veil of the married woman, others were more subtle and less apparent to our modern eyes. This class will decode some of these signals.

A travelers guide to old English presented by Oswyn of Badon
A look at how Anglo Saxon names are made, some simple old English phrases and a look at what modern English might be like if it wasn’t for those pesky Normans.

Tafl games: By Xavier
family of board games were played throughout Scandinavia and spread through the British Isles. The moves are simple and lead to a game that can be quick and easy to very complex as the board size changes. We’ll learn the rules and the different versions, and play a game or two if interested.

Disability During the Middle Ages by Elisabeta Fischer
A look at how societal norms and laws effected those who were Disabled

Pictish Garb: by Lette de Cherselawe .
The Picts ruled in Northern and Eastern Scotland from the Iron Age until the 10thC. While their clothing shared similarities with their close neighbors the Anglo-Saxons, Vikings, and Gaels it had some distinctive features. This class will summarize the available evidence and go over how to make your own Pictish garb.

Limp Bookbinding by L Siobhán an Einigh of Connacht
In this hands-on class, you will learn the basics of limp bookbinding techniques, and come away with a basic book!
Class Size: 6 hands on, unlimited may watch
Cost: $3 for materials

England before the Plague by Lette de Cherselawe
Even before the plague the 14thC was a time of crisis. This class will cover the political and social history of England 1300-1347

14thC Card Woven Edges by Lette de Cherselawe
Archeological Finds from the 14thC show that edges that received hard wear were often reinforced with card woven edges. Come try your hand at them! Limit to one to 5 people.

Lunch Menu

Roast Pork Loin
Roast Chicken
Sour Cream
Bottled Water
Various Sodas
Gluten-free options will be available.
Lunch Ingredients
If you have any dietary restrictions please contact Master Gunnarr at


Lord Sigrikr Sigulfsson
Shane Harbach

More information will be posted once it becomes available.

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